Friday, September 8, 2017

This is the “gathering” of the saints. 

Psa 19:13  Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. 

The greatest problem with understanding  prophecy and the second coming is presumption. One can memorize the whole bible but if he presumes this or that he may be deceived anyway. We presume a certain scriptural event is related to another scriptural event and therefore we reason that the manifestation will be a combination of the two events.

Virtually every denomination has a different perception of the second coming. Many are built on the notion that God revealed the truth to them and so acquire huge followings. They convince masses who refuse to question the teacher based on his “anointing”. But ask yourself this, “How could they all be right when they all disagree in so many ways?”
So we choose who to follow based on our own intuition or we seek the truth of the matter.

Here is a list of presumptions that have been deeply rooted in the understanding of prophecy.

1) There is a 7 year “tribulation” and begins with a peace treaty.
2) There is a pre-tribulation rapture based on a 7 year tribulation.
3) The temple must be built to house the abomination that causes desolation
4) Rev 12 is talking about Jesus being caught up to his throne.
5) All rapture scriptures point to a single event and the last trump in 1st Corinthians is a feast of trumpets and has no bearing on the trumpet of Matthew or the 7 trumpets of Rev.
6) There is another end time kingdom coming with 10 horns.
7)The rapture includes all who confess Jesus.
8) We can't know the day or the hour of the rapture.

1) A 7 year agreement was signed on Jan 1st, 2007 and strengthened on Jan 1st 2014. It is not a peace treaty; however, the bible does not say it should be a peace treaty. That teaching is fairly recent and is based on assuming that “When they cry peace and safety” in 2 Thess 5 it is related to the covenant of Daniel. However, Jeremiah 8:11 tells us “They cry Peace, peace, but there will be no peace.” 

The original agreement that was signed was the Barcelona Process. Then it was changed to the European Neigbourhood Partnership Instrument when it was renewed in 2007. It was brokered by the High Representative for the European Union in 2007. This office can easily be called a chief or prince of the Roman Empire. The agreement was changed to the European Partnership Instrument and is now called the Partnership Instrument.

This is not a peace treaty; it originally was a covenant where the EU promised financial aid to participating countries in the Middle East to help them conform to EU policies concerning agriculture and education. 

From the EU website at  

 The PI is one of the funding instruments that enable the EU to take part in shaping global change and promote its core values. It is one of several instruments included in the EU's budget for 2014-2020 as a means of financing the Union's external action.”

And from

The EU-Israel Association AgreementSearch for available translations of the preceding link•••, which has been in force since 2000 within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (Barcelona Process), governs relations between the two parties. It aims to strengthen political stability and economic development. Regional cooperation is another feature of the agreement, with regular political dialogue on issues of common interest. Although it is part of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Israel, due to its advanced economy, receives limited funding from the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) for the implementation of institutional Twinning projects. However Israeli NGOs are eligible for EU thematic budget lines, in particular EIDHR (European Instrument for Human Rights and Democracy) and the Civil Society Facility. The EU-Israel Action PlanSearch for available translations of the preceding link••• , agreed in 2006 is based on shared common values of democracy, respect for human rights, the rule of law and basic freedoms and promotes the integration of Israel into European policies and programmes.

Other budget lines
The European Peacebuilding Initiative (formerly EU Partnership for Peace Programme) supports civil society organisations working on promoting the Peace Process at the societal level and fostering direct civil society relationships, based on equality and reciprocity, between Palestinians and Israelis. The programme receives a €5 million annual allocation for local and cross-border initiatives in Palestine, Israel and Jordan.

You see, when the covenant was renewed on Jan 1, 2014 it included a goal to create a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital. I took that information directly from their website but now no longer have access to that document.

Now if we are watching for a peace treaty we will by no means recognize this agreement as the Daniel 9 covenant. If we are watching for a pre-tribulation rapture we will not recognize this covenant. If we believe in a 7 year tribulation we will not recognize this covenant. If we are expecting the temple to be built by the middle of the 7 years we will not recognize this covenant today, as we are in the midst f the 7 years now. 

Do you see how these presumptions could blind the church?

Consider that we are now in the midst of that 7 year covenant, or agreement. The word midst is not exactly middle. KJV is the only version I have found that says midst. All other translations say middle. But these two words are not the same. Midst simply means about the middle. If Jane is in the midst of a crowd she does not have to be in the exact middle of the crowd. If we presume that the KJV is incorrect and all of the other translations are correct, we may miss the event. 

2) The pre-tribulation rapture is based entirely on presumption. It presumes that there is a 7 year tribulation to begin with. No scripture says there is a 7 year great tribulation. The Great tribulation starts when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies and an abomination is set up and ends when the Jews are removed from Judea. Even the asteroid hit is not included in the great tribulation. That whole doctrine is based on imagination.

Note that many say that all prophecy is based on the Jewish calendar. However, the EU would not make a 7 year covenant today based on the Jewish calendar. So we cannot safely assume that the 7 year covenant is established in that way.  

3) Jesus said to watch for the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Again Daniel 9 tells us about the 7 year agreement and in the midst of the 7 the sacrifice and oblation will be stopped and an abomination set up. We assume that this abomination is to be set up in the temple because 2nd Thess 2 tells us that the wicked one will sit in the temple. But Jesus does not say the abomination is set up in the temple nor does Daniel. The assumption that the wicked one sitting in the temple is the abomination causes us to believe the temple must be built for the abomination to be set up. However, the Sanhedrin is presently performing sacrifices in preparation to build the third temple. That is all that is required in the midst of the 7 years.

Consider this now: the Vatican doctrine concerning the second coming is not a literal return of Jesus. They believe, in the inner circles, that the final Pope will sit in the temple and by doing so he will become the full embodiment of Christ. Now read 2 Thess 2 again. Is this not exactly what this scripture describes? “Who sits in the temple showing himself that he is God”

Now think about this: the goal of the Free Masons is to build the third temple. They are not Jews, they are Catholics. There is no reason to think that we need a temple before the abomination can be set up “where it ought not be” An idol can be set up on the temple mount and fulfill this prophecy. 

The temple can be built after the abomination is set up and the Jews taken out of Judea and still fulfill all prophecy. 

According to Matthew 24:15-29 is very clear that the Jews will be taken back into captivity. Until now the Holy Ghost filled church has helped Israel win virtually every war since the 2nd world war. But when “He who lets is taken out of the way” the Jews will not win the following war. 

4) The beast of Revelation 12 and 13 only appears for the final 42 months. Daniel and Rev make this perfectly clear, so why should we believe the Rev 12 event starts in the beginning of the 7 years? That is confusion!

The sign in Rev 12 will appear on Sept 23, 2017 for the first and only time in the last 6000 years and the next 1000 years, according to computer programs that can show the movement of the constellations. The woman, represented by Virgo, goes into a wilderness for 1260 days (42 months). It is the beast’s counterpart, the dragon (Vatican), who stands ready to devour the child at birth. Jupiter is considered the King Star because it is the largest in our solar system. 

According to the computer program Jupiter entered the vicinity of the womb 9 months ago and will exit the womb between the legs on Sept 23rd

The sun will then be at the shoulder and at the same time the moon will be at her feet. This only happens once in 7000 years. 

The constellation of Leo sits over the head of Virgo, the woman. Normally Leo is made up of 9 stars, however, on Sept 23rd Mars, Venus and Mercury will align themselves up with Leo to give us 12 stars at the head of the woman. Again, on Sept 23rd!

That dragon with a crown of 7 stars appears on Sept 23rd at the feet of Virgo. Watch the YouTube videos on this event. Understand again that this event must come in the midst of the 7 years because the beast only reigns for the final 42 months; and just before the abomination is set up.

5) Now take your bible and study 2nd Thess 2 chapter closely. Don’t take my word for it. This chapter reveals 2 raptures, not one. In the first 3 verses we see that the “gathering” of believers cannot happen until after the wicked one is revealed. That is a rapture described in Matt 24:31, 2 Corinthians 15:51-52, 1st Thess 4:16, Rev 11:15 and Daniel 12:12. This is the “gathering” of the saints.

However, “He who lets must be taken out of the way” before the wicked one is revealed. The “He who lets” is the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ. He will never leave you nor forsake you, so if He is taken out of the way He has to take all who have Him in their hearts with Him. That is a rapture before the wicked one sits in the temple. 

So 2nd Thess 2 proves that there are 2 raptures, not counting the 2 witnesses who are caught up just before the earthquake and last trumpet in Revelation. 

The first rapture is of the child in Rev 12 who is caught up 1260 days before the end of this age. This is not Jesus because Jesus died whereas this child is caught up as an infant and a does not die. And further evidence is that the beast was not here 2000 years ago. It only reigns in Jerusalem for the final 42 months. Remember also that those who overcome Jezebel receive a rod to rule the nations just as Jesus received from the Father.

6) There are 27 members in the EU, however, there are only 10 full members in the EU giving you the beast with 10 horns. According to Daniel's understanding of the statue dream the legs of iron are the last kingdom before Christ’s return. This was the Roman Empire in Jesus time and still remains today as the EU with the Vatican as its head. It has changed but has never died. The pope has taken on many of the names that once belonged to the emperors of Rome. He rules the EU. 

Christians are considered clay, so the false church is the clay in the statue and the EU government is the iron. In Rev 17 the whore is the Vatican that rides the beast. 

There are 7 main stream religions holding hands with the Vatican as the new one world religion. This is the dragon with 7 crowns in Rev 12. 

7 ) Not everyone who calls himself Christian has the Holy Ghost. Remember in the book of Acts when Paul went to a certain city and asked if they had received the Holy Ghost? They said they never heard of Him. Through prayer they received the Holy Ghost. 

These were believers, just like many Christians today believe but are not taught to receive the Holy Ghost. When the child is caught up He can only take those who have received Him with Him. So make sure you have the Holy Ghost and He will “keep you from the hour of temptation that is coming on the children of disobedience”. Very likely on Set 23, 2017. 

8)     Jesus did not know the day or the hour because he never knew when they would sign the 7 year agreement or when they would set up the abomination. However, once He who lets is taken out of the way and the abomination is set up there are 1335 days until the final rapture. Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1335 days. We are not of the night that that day should overtake us as a thief. 

Study prophecy as light that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

Remember the 10 virgins and the 5 who had no oil for their lamps to give them light.